Super Radio plays Italo Disco non stop in the mix

Super Radio is an unique radio station that broadcasts 24/7 non-stop mixed Italo Disco and Euro Disco hits from the 80's and early 90's.

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Super Radio BPM flow

The graph below shows the course of the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of the past 24 hours.

The BPM changes randomly so that you get to hear different songs at different speeds.

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About Super Radio

The radio station where the beat never stops!

Thanks for listening to Super Radio, an online radio station based in the Netherlands founded in 2019 by Martin Verlaan. You might know him from his Italo disco mixes.

The name of this radio station is a reference to the legendary Italo Disco label Super Radio Records, which many Italo disco fans will know.

Our logo is the same as the original logo of Super Radio Records (used with permission of Franco Scopinich, owner of Super Radio records).

The radio station is quite phenominal! All I really knew was Scotch and Koto before, so this has broaden all sorts of talent for my listening pleasure. Smathels

This makes Super Radio unique

Have you ever listened to a never ending megamix including thousands of songs?

No? Listen to Super Radio and you will hear 24/7 non stop mixed music.

It's not a pre-recorded mix or a loop. All songs are live mixed together, in a smoothly way. There's probably no other radio station in the world who does this.

Who are the DJ's of Super Radio?

No real DJ's at work here. The songs are mixed together by Smart Mix Player, a freeware Auto-DJ-player, developed by Martin himself.

Hey man, big fan of Super Radio, and the auto mixer is on point! Connor

Enjoy Italo Disco classics

Super Radio mainly plays Italo disco songs between 1982 and 1992. You will hear the greatest hits but also obscure songs. Also High-Energy, early Eurobeat and disco hits from around the world are played, as long they have the Italo sound.

You will NOT hear "New Generation Italo" or the latest "Space Synth" on Super Radio.

This strict format distinguishes Super Radio from other Italo Disco radio stations.

There are now 4005 songs in the database from 89 to 144 BPM. More songs are added frequently.

Great radio. I'm fan of disco. You're the best guys. Thank you for creating this radio and playing live. Timur

Program guide

There is no program guide :) For now Super Radio plays non stop in the mix without commercial breaks, news bulletins or talking. You will only occasionally hear a short jingle.

In the future there will perhaps be themed radio shows (of course mixed as well).

Help to promote Super Radio

Witness the statistics, many listeners appreciate this station by listening to it for hours!

But this new radio station can use some promotion to gain new listeners.

So if you like our broadcast, then please share this website on social media and tell your friends about it.

If you own a website or video channel, it would be great if you tell something about us.

The uniqueness of this station deserves some media attention!

Really nice! Lots of stuff mixed properly together and a lot of unknown stuff to discover! Musicshaolin

Legal information

Super Radio is registered at Stichting Webcasting Nederland which provides our BUMA/STEMRA and SENA licenses.

Buma licentienummer: SW19n.0002133

Sena licentienummer: SW1057.19


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