Super Radio plays Italo Disco non stop in the mix

Super Radio is a new and unique radio station that broadcasts 24/7 non-stop mixed Italo Disco and Euro Disco hits from the 80's and early 90's.

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About Super Radio

Thanks for listening to Super Radio, an online radio station based in the Netherlands founded in 2019 by Italo disco freak Martin Verlaan. You might know him from his Italo disco mixes.

A year before he developed Smart Mix Player, a free software package by which you can create and broadcast mixes. Super Radio is powered by Smart Mix Player, so the songs you hear are not mixed by DJ's but by an algorithm. This is unique and there's probably no other radio station in the world who does this.

The algorithm can still be refined but for now the highest priority is to extend the database with songs. There are more then 2000 songs in the database from 89 to 122 BPM. Martin works hard to add more songs so the database will grow daily until all songs up to ±140 bpm are included.

The name of this radio station is a nod to the legendary Italo disco label Super Radio Records, which many Italo fans will know. So on this station you mainly hear Italo disco songs between 1982 and 1992. You will hear the greatest hits alternated by obscure songs. Also High-Energy and disco hits from around the world are played, as long they have the Italo sound.

On this radio station your pleasure will not be spoiled by commercial breaks, news bulletins or talking. Only you will occasionally hear a jingle. For now Super Radio plays non stop in the mix. In the future there will perhaps be themed radio shows (of course mixed as well).


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Super Radio is a legal radio station, registered at Stichting Webcasting Nederland which provides our BUMA/STEMRA and SENA licenses.

Buma licentienummer: SW19n.0002133